Sitaaraam Sitaaraam Sitaaraam Kahiye

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Sitaaraam Sitaaraam Sitaaraam Kahiye,
Jaahi Bidhi Raakhe Raam Taahi Bidhi Rahiye...
Mukhme Ho Raamnaam, Raam Sevaa Haathmein,
Tu Akelaa Naahi Pyaare, Raam Tere Saathmein,
Vidhikaa Vidhaan Jaan, Haani Laabh Sahiye Jaahi...
Kiyaa Abhimaan Toh Phir, Maan Na Paayegaa,
Hogaa Pyaare Vohi Jo Shree, Raamjiko Bhaayegaa,
Fal Aasha Tyaag Shubh, Kaam Karte Rahiye Jaahi...
Jindagikaa Dor Sop, Haath Dinaanaathke,
Mahelome Raakhe Chaahe, Zoopdo Mein Vaas De,
Dhanyavaad Nirvivaad, Raam Raam Kahiye Jaahi...
Aashaa Ek Raamjise, Duji Aashaa Chhod De,
Naataa Ek Raamjise, Dujaa Naataa Tor De,
Saadhu Sang Raam Rang, Ang Ang Rangiye Jaahi...

Chant Sitaram Sitaram Sitaram
Be Happy In Whichever Way God Keeps You
Ram‟s Name In Mouth And Ram‟s Service With Your Hands
You Are Not Alone Dear, God Ram Is With You
Accept Joy Or Sorrow Whatever Is Written In Your Destiny
Your Proud Behaviour Will Not Gain Respect From Others
Everything Will Happen According To The Wish Of Shree Ram
Carry On Good Deeds Without Expecting Any Rewards
Let The Merciful Guide You In Your Life
Whether He Keeps You In A Palace Or A Hut
Always Be Thankful For The Mercy Without Any Arguments
Expect Fulfilment From Ram But Expect Nothing From Others
Have A Permanent Bond With Ram And Break Selfish Relationships
Associate With Saints And Colour Yourself With The Love Of Lord Ram