About Us

BhajanLyrics.com aims to preserve and promote bhajans of all kinds

Before BhajanLyrics.com, many websites showing bhajan lyrics were slow, outdated, used tiny fonts and were filled with intrusive ads. The founder set out to change this and, in 2011, launched the first version of BhajanLyrics.com. It gave a clean and simple index of bhajans with no ads.

A year later, the next version of BhajanLyrics.com was launched and provided additional functionality - the ability to add bhajans to a slideshow, and produce handouts for printing.

With the rise of the mobile web, the site was rebuilt from the ground up. It had all new look, faster loading, more mobile friendly layout, automatically optimised text size, and a tagging system to enable quick filtering.

In 2019, BhajanLyrics.com has been rebuilt once again. This time, it loads even faster whilst enabling native app features like offline access and installation to your homescreen. Over the coming months and years we'll continue to improve on this new platform by adding more bhajans, improving their accuracy, providing meanings and more. Watch this space.

We hope you enjoy and share BhajanLyrics.com