Samri Lene Sitaaraam

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Samri Lene Sitaaraam, Annte Ej Aavshe Kaam Vaalidaa, Eh Samri...
Utam Madi Aa Deh Manushyani Re Gumaav Nahi Tu Nakaam,
Puran Prem Dharine Nitya Nitya, Le Tu Mukhthi Naam Vaalidaa...
Prabhuji Chhe Sukhnaa Saagar Jene Seve Dev Tamaam,
Chit Ekaagre Bhajtaa Tene, Anntar Thaashe Aaraam Vaalidaa...
Kathaa Kirtan Sevaa Samran Eh Ttharvaanaa Tthaam,
Raamsingh Kahe Ethi Paamish, Bhramaanand Sukhdhaam Vaalidaa...

Chant Sitaram Dear, Only That Will Be Useful In The End
You Have Attained This Best Human Body, Do Not Waste It Uselessly
Daily Sing The Praises With Full Devotion And Love
Prabhuji Is The Ocean Of Happiness, Who Is Served By All The Devas
By Remembering Him With Deep Concentration, You Will Achieve Inner Peace
Katha, Singing, Service And Chanting Are The Instruments Of Tranquillity
Raamsingh Says That By Doing That You Will Reach The Place Of Eternal Joy And Happiness