Rang Maney Raamnaamno Laagyo Re

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Rang Maney Raamnaamno Laagyo Re,
Jivaldo Ghat Bheetar Jaagyo Re Ke Rang Maney...
Poorav Naa Bhaagya Maaraa Fariyaa Re,
Aavaa Rudaa Satsangi Madiyaa Re,
Aaje Amey Satsangmaa Bhariyaa Re Ke Rang Maney...

I Have Been Attracted By The Bhajans Of Ramnaam
The Soul Inside My Body Has Woken Up
I Have Received The Fruits Of My Previous Life
I Have Been Blessed With The Association Of Good Devotees
Due To That We Have Come In Contact With Pious People