Pag Dhoi Naavmaa Padhaaro Raghuvir Pag Dhoi Naavmaa Padhaaro

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Pag Dhoi Naavmaa Padhaaro Raghuvir Pag Dhoi Naavmaa Padhaaro...
Shilaa Hati Te Bani Ahalyaa, Avadhpati Manmaa Veechaaro,
Naav Maaru Jo Naari Baney Toh, Tadi Jaay Maaro Gujaaro...
Chaare Dishaamaa Utarvaano Aaro, Prabhu Tyaa Farine Padhaaro,
Kaink Kaaman Chhe Aa Pag Rajmaa, Nahi Emaa Dosh Tamaaro...
Charan Dhoi Jad Paatra Upaadyu, Dhimar Manmaa Veechaaro,
Jyaa Redu Tyaa Bani Jaay Naari, Aaphi Ghatme Utaaro...
Prabhu Charanaamrut Gayu Radaymaa, Ghatme Huvo Ujiyaaro,
Tulsidaas Bhajo Raghunandan, Dhimar Kud Ujaaro...

Raghuvir Please Come In My Boat After You Have Washed Your Feet
The Dust Of Your Feet Changed The Stone Into Ahalyaa, O Master Of Avadh Please Think
If My Boat Changes Into A Woman By Your Touch, My Means Of Livelihood Will Be Lost
There Are Places For Crossing In All Directions, Prabhu Please Take A Walk And Then Come
There Is Something Special In This Dust From Your Feet, You Are Not To Blame
After Washing The Feet Of Ram, Kevat Lifted The Water Bowl And Dhimar Thought
Wherever I Pour This Water, A Woman Will Be Created, He Gulped It Down Himself
Once The Water With The Dust Of Ram‟s Feet Went Inside Him, His Heart Was Filled With Brightness
Tulsidaas Says, Sing The Praises Of Raghunandan, Dhimar Elevated The Position Of His Relatives