Naaraayan Deen Dayaal Re

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Naaraayan Deen Dayaal Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa
Naaraayan Tero Aadhaar Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa...
Jeevankaa Kachhu Nahi Tthikaanaa, Chale Na Kaalse Koi Bahaanaa,
Kuchh Toh Soch Vichaar Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa...
Maayaame Man Kyun Bharmaaye, Saathme Tere Kodi Na Aave,
Jaanaa Hai Haath Pasaar Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa...
Maat Pitaa Tero Kutumb Kabilo, Mahel Mandir Guru Yaa Chelo,
Koi Na Aave Tere Saath Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa...
Ab Toh Man Kar Le Satsangati, Ban Jaayegi Teri Shubhgati,
Bedaa Lagegaa Teraa Paar Re, Bhajman Raadhe Govindaa...

God Is Merciful, Chant Radhe Govinda
Narayan Is Your Only Support
You Have No Target In Life. No Excuse Will Save You From Death
Think Something About Your Life And Future
Why Should You Get Involved With Worldly Matters (illusions) When Nothing Is Going To Accompany You
You Will Leave This World With Empty Hands
Your Mother, Father, Family, House, Palace, Temple, Guru Or Devotee
No One Will Come With You
It Is Not Too Late Associate With Good People, Your Life Will Become Better
You Will Happily Cross This Ocean Of Life