Maari Zoopadiye Raam Kyaare Padhaare

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Maari Zoopadiye Raam Kyaare Padhaare
Kyaare Padhaare Maaro Janam Sudhaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Naam Maaru Shabrine Jaatni Chhu Bhildi Jaatni Chhu Bhildi,
Rushinaa Aashram Paase Rahu Chhu Ekaldi Rahu Chhu Ekaldi,
Gurujiye Vachan Didhaa Raam Aave Dwaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Gurujinaa Vachan Upar Vishwaas Raakhyo Raam Vishwaas Raakhyo,
Ek Bharaso Maaraa Rudiyaamaa Raakhyo Raam Rudiyaamaa Raakhyo,
Vaat Jou Maaraa Raam Aave Kyaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Meetthaa Meetthaa Bor Mein Toh Dadiyaamaa Raakhyaa Raam Dadiyaamaa Raakhyaa,
Aankhe Toh Dekhaay Nahi Ne Tethi Toh Mein Chaaykhaa Raam Tethi Toh Mein Chaaykhaa,
Vinine Laavu Hu Toh Saanj Savaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Shabribaainaa Haadchaam Sukaai Giyaa Chhe Raam Sukaai Giyaa Chhe,
Ketli Kasoti Haji Baaki Re Rahi Chhe Raam Baaki Re Rahi Chhe,
Nayno Toh Raataa Thiyaa Aasudaani Dhaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Purva Janamni Maari Preet Adhuri Raam Preet Adhuri,
Dayaa Kari Raam Tamey Kyaare Karsho Puri Raam Kyaare Karsho Puri,
Virahnaa Dukh Maaraa Haiyaamaa Saale Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Ayodhyaanaa Naath Havey Kyaare Darshan Desho Raam Kyaare Darshan Desho,
Zoopadi Amaari Raam Kyaare Paavan Karsho Raam Kyaare Paavan Karsho,
Jeevire Rahi Chhu Hu Toh Taare Re Aadhaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...
Dashrathjinaa Jeevan Maataa Kaushalyaanaa Laadilaa Kaushalyaanaa Laadilaa,
Sitaajinaa Swaami Aa Bhaktonaa Chho Pyaaraa Raam Bhaktonaa Chho Pyaaraa,
Shabri Upar Mer Kari Raam Aavyaa Dwaare Re, Maari Zoopadiye...

When Will Shree Ram Visit My Hut
When Will He Visit And Improve My Life
My Name Is Shabri And I Am From The Caste Of Bhil
I Live Alone Near A Saints Ashram
My Guruji Has Promised Me That Shree Ram Will Come To Your Door One Day
I Kept Faith In My Guruji‟s Words
I Firmly Believe In My Heart
I Am Passing Time Waiting For My Ram To Come
I Have Gathered And Kept Sweet Bor (fruit) In A Little Basket
I Am Unable To See With My Eyes, Hence, I Have Tasted For Sweetness
I Pick And Bring The Sweet Fruits Home In The Morning And Evening
Shabribaai‟s Body Has Become Frail Like A Bundle Of Bones And Skin
Dear Ram, How Much More Test Of My Faith Is Still To Come?
My Eyes Have Become Red Due To Constant Flow Of Tears
My Devotion From My Previous Life Is Still Incomplete. When Will It Become Complete?
When Will You Show Compassion And Fulfil My Ambition
The Pain Of Our Separation Is Hurting My Heart
O King Of Ayodhya, When Will You Give My Eyes The Benefit Of Seeing You?
When Will You Come And Purify My Hut?
I Am Living Because Of Your Support
You Are Dashrathji‟s Life And Kaushalya‟s Dear One (father Dashrath Cannot Live Without Ram)
You Are The Husband Of Sitaji And Loved By Your Devotees
Ram Blessed Shabri And Came To Her Humble Abode