Maare Purav Janamni Preeture

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Maare Purav Janamni Preeture, Evi Hari Bhajvaani Ritu Re
Eh Maavaa, Mole Re Aavjo Re...
Daasi Upar Sheno Daavo, Maare Mole Shaane Naavo,
Evo Shu Abhaavo Re, Eh Maavaa...
Joi Joi Vahoriye Jaatu, Bibaa Veenaa Na Padey Bhaatu,
Bhaar Jaale Bhiture, Eh Maavaa...
Vaalam Aavo Kariye Vaatu, Tam Veenaa Nathi Revaatu,
Aavi Chhe Ekaantu Re, Eh Maavaa...
Jeevandaas Daasi Taari, Vaarnaa Lau Vaari Vaari,
Meetthudaa Moraari Re, Eh Maavaa...

My Love For You And My Way Of Devotion Is Since Previous Life
O Krishna, Come To My Home
What Is The Reason, Why Are You Not Coming To My Home?
What Is My Fault, Why Are You Staying Away?
Please Be Friends By Selecting, The Right Type Of Persons Are Difficult To Find
The Way Strong Walls Can Support A Load, Our Devotion Is Everlasting
Dear Krishna Please Come For Conversation, It Is Difficult To Live Without You
O Krishna, We Are So Lonely Without You
Jeevandaas Is Your Servant Who Is Trying To Please You
Dear Moraari (krishna) You Are So Sweet