Jyaan Lagi Ungmaa Aatam Chhe

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Jyaan Lagi Ungmaa Aatam Chhe, Tyaa Lagi Hari Hari Tu Ke...
Haaltaa Harine Chaaltaa Harine Bestaa Hari Tu Ke,
Sutaa Pehlaa Je Samran Karey Eni Bolaase Jay Jay Jay Jyaan Lagi...
Levaa Sarikhu Naam Harinu Lay Sakai Toh Le,
Devaa Sarikhu Daan Annu Day Sakai Toh De Jyaan Lagi...
Aare Sansaar Chhe Sapnaa Jevo Saachi Vastu Bey,
Ek Toh Sevaa Beeju Samran Jeevadaa Samji Le Jyaan Lagi...

As Long As You Have Your Soul In Your Body, Chant The Lord‟s Name
Chant The Lord‟s Name During Walks Or While Sitting
One Who Chant‟s Lord‟s Name Before Going To Sleep Receives Blessings
The Lord‟s Name Is Worth Chanting, Remember If You Can
If You Are Able, Give Food To The Needy
This Life Is Like A Dream, With Two Very Important Tasks
The First One Is Service, Welfare; The Second Is To Chant The Lord‟s Name, Please Understand