Achraj Maayaa Tumhaari Aho Prabhu

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Achraj Maayaa Tumhaari Aho Prabhu, Achraj Maayaa Tumhaari,
Jise Mohe Sakal Narnaari Aho Prbahu, Achraj Maayaa Tumhaari...
Bhramaa Mohe Shankar Mohe, Mohe Indra Balkaari,
Sankaadik Naarad Muni Mohe, Duniyaa Kon Bichaari Aho Prabhu...
Yog Karante Yogi Mohe, Banme Mohe Tapdhaari,
Ved Padhante Pandit Mohe, Bhool Gaye Sudhi Saari Aho Prabhu...
Paanch Bishayki Jaal Bichhaay, Bandhan Rachiyaa Bhaari,
Laalachse Sab Jeev Fasaaye, Nikalnaki Nahi Baari Aho Prabhu...
Jis Par Krupaa Hoi Tumhaari, So Jan Utare Paari,
Bhramaanand Sharanme Aayo, Lije Mohe Ugaari Aho Prabhu...

Dear Prabhu, Your Various Attractions And Temptations In This World Are Surprising
The Men And Women Have Been Attracted By It
Bhramaa, Shankar And Powerful Indra Have Also Been Attracted
The Saint Sankaadik And Naarad Muni Were Attracted, How Can Poor People Escape
Those Doing Penance In The Forest And The Practicing Yogis Were Attracted
The Learned People Studying Vedas Forgot All The Awareness And Wisdom
Very Strong Bonds Were Constructed To Trap Five Senses (kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Mud)
Due To Greed Everyone Is Trapped And There Is No Window To Escape
Only Those With Your Blessings Can Cross Over To The Other Side
Bhramaanand Says I Have Surrendered, Please Save Me