Aavyo Pan Jaanyo Nahi

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Aavyo Pan Jaanyo Nahi, Mankhaa Dehno Maram
Sher Lotne Kaarne, Kotik Baandhyaa Karam...
Mu Mein Kachhu Goon Hai Nahi, Tum Goon Bhare Ho Jahaaj
Goon Avgoon Na Vichaariye, Baay Graheki Laaj...
Koti Janamko Mel Hai, Dhoyo Na Chhoote Ang
Kaa Chhoote Hari Bhajanse, Kaa Chhoote Satsang...
Mein Apraadhi Janamkaa, Nakshikh Bharaa Vikaar
Tum Daataa Dukh Bhanjano, Meri Karone Sahaay...
Tan Pavitra Sevaa Kiye, Dhan Pavitra Kiye Daan
Man Pavitra Hari Naam Liye, Hot Trividh Kalyaan...
Bhaagya Badaa Toh Raam Bhaj, Vakhat Bado Kachhu Det
Akal Badi Upkaar Kar, Deh Dharyo Fad Eh...

You Have Not Understood The Importance Of Your Birth As A Human Being
You Committed Countless Sins For A Little Flour To Feed Yourself
You Are Like A Shipload Of Virtues, But I Have No Virtues
Please Do Not Think About Virtues And Vices, Please Guide Me And Save Me
We Are Covered With Sins Of Many Lives, It Is Impossible To Clean It With Water
We Can Become Pure Either By Chanting Or Associating With Devotees
Since Many Lives, I Have Been Wicked And Sinful From Top To Bottom
You Are Charitable And Remover Of Pain, Please Assist Me
Purify Your Body With Selfless Service, Purify Your Money By Spending For The Poor
Purify The Soul By Chanting Harinaam, Three Different Ways For Salvation
The One Who Is Fortunate Will Do Ram Bhajan, Blessed With Good Times Will Give
If God Has Given Good Sense, Be Helpful To Others, Make Your Life Fruitful