Aavi Amulakh Daidi Didhi Re Teni Te Saar Na Lidhi

Transcribed & translated by: Shree Pragjibhai Ladva

Aavi Amulakh Daidi Didhi Re Teni Te Saar Na Lidhi,
Arey Murakh Maayaamaa Moyo Re Avsariyo Ede Khoyo...
Aavo Aavo Em Sau Kiye Motaa Jaani Maan Diye,
Emaa Shu Riyo Chhe Foolire Mati Taari Gai Chhe Dooli...
Maaru Maaru Kari Mari Giyo Haathe Kari Heraan Thiyo,
Dhaai Dhuti Maayaa Bheri Kidhi Re Maathe Kidhaa Anek Veri...
Choraashino Annt Na Aavyo Feraa Anek Faryo,
Vari Jaane Tu Paachho Fari Re Kaayaa Lene Safad Kari...
Daas Kaano Enaa Dilne Kiye Hari Hardaamaa Riye,
Aa Vaatu Chhe Sarve Khari Re Hradaythi Veesaarmaa Hari...

God Gave You This Priceless Body. You Did Not Utilise It For Doing Good
O Silly Person, Being After Materials Things You Lost The Opportunity
People Welcome And Flatter You And Give Respect Due To Your Wealth
Why Are You Being Proud. Because Of That You Are Not Thinking Clearly
You Almost Killed Yourself By Being Selfish And Suffering Due To Your Own Faults
You Accumulated Wealth By Cheating And Dishonesty And Made Many Enemies
You Were Born And Died Many Times. Your Cycle Of Life And Death Did Not End
Turn Back From Your Path. Utilise Your Body Truthfully Making Your Life Successful
Daas Kaano Prays And Wishes That Hari Remains In His Heart
All These Words Are True. Never Remove The Memory Of Hari From Your Heart